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Reverse Advent Calendar: a Great New Tradition!

Ever wonder what a “Reverse Advent Calendar” is? With a traditional Advent Calendar, for each day of Advent (the time before Christmas), the opening of a calendar day reveals a small gift or prize. With a Reverse Advent Calendar, on each day of Advent, instead of receiving a gift, something is donated into a box or bag. SLM collects these items into our Reverse Advent Bags and uses them in our Food Pantry and Personal Needs Closet. This is a great group activity for a family, an office, a church group, a classroom, or individuals. At Grace UMC, the collected, filled bags are given and celebrated as “birthday presents to Jesus” on Christmas Eve. Contact SLM if you’d like bags to fill and give to us. Suggested items can be found at the dollar stores and might include:


Toothbrushes /toothpaste



Sanitary products

Toilet paper/Kleenex

Soap, body wash

Laundry/dish soap

Cleaning cloths

Household cleaners/supplies


Mac & cheese


Spaghetti sauce


Canned food


Peanut butter



Boxed meals

If you would like to participate or schedule a pick up, contact Executive Director Vicki Nichols at (517) 882-0661 or

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